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If you haven't met me before, you should know that the first time we meet will start and finish with a hug. You should also know that I love queso, Shania Twain mixed with some Adele, traveling, and being outside soaking up sunshine. Sunshine is by far one of the best natural healers for me.

In 2018 I started a life changing path after hitting pretty close to rock bottom. I experienced multiple anxiety attacks a week, lost control of my emotions, was unable to communicate to those I loved, and overall just found myself as an unhappy and struggling individual. 

I was trying to do way too much: overexert myself for others needs, run a successful and thriving business, love and cherish the moments of being a mom to a newborn, process grief I never processed, accept I had postpartum depression, cook food everyday for my family to eat, be a good wife emotionally and physically, process the emotions of a sexual assault 8 years later, demand change at a university that has great political power, and watch history unfold as over 300 humans report that a doctor had taken advantage of his medical license.


I analyzed how little boundaries I had and how much I needed to seek help. My life change started with seeing a physical therapist who helped me understand meditation and it's importance in my life. She also started my understanding of the nervous system which I continue to educate myself on to help understand the science in the body in regards to stress and anxiety. She also led me to make the decision to see a licensed therapist and with both of those individuals helping me, combined with exercise, eating healthy, and meditating, I started to experience a life I wanted to share with others. The first time I ever saw my therapist she described my life as a mumble jumble of venn diagrams all over lapping with no structure or organization. This by far was the most accurate statement. You see, I was finally taking time to heal my mind and body, together, something that we do very little of in today's society. Learning how to quiet my mind and find peace has been monumental in my journey.

Loving This Life was founded on the concept that I wanted to share my journey through life discovery and how much gaining control of your mind and body and being at peace can liberate and allow you to truly wake up each day loving the life that you live. Loving This Life continues to grow and through this journey, the podcast, workshops for adults, workshops for athletes and children, and connecting people who need each other to grow, collaborate, and support each other my hope is that love and peace is spread throughout and individuals continue to live a greater more fulfilling life.

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Loving This Life


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