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  • Abbie Cole Hillis

Introduction to the LTL Blog

Want to know more about how Abbie lives her life with the "Loving This Life" theme? Well now, in addition to the podcast, she is sharing her ins and outs on the LTL Blog!

Loving This Life

If there is one thing I have learned in life, it’s that as humans we have control over our lives. That also means that every single action we do day in and day out, defines how our life will be at the end of each day, month, year, and lifetime.

Each day is full of a million different choices. And those choices are what allows you to make changes in life. A blog can give you some great ideas and insight, but until you decide to implement those ideas in your daily life, a blog is of no help.

I am a no BS type of person. I say it how it is. And I sure as hell don’t sugar coat things. It’s why some people love me and why others love to hate me. I get it. I can come off strong. But I can also tell you the brutal honesty of the hardships and life lessons I have learned in order to educate and ultimately prevent someone else from having to endure them.

This blog is full of Abbie-isms, because, yes, that is a thing in my life and I 100% believe you should get to hear my personality as you read. But this blog will also be full of anecdotal stories that will hopefully guide you to understand how much control you can have on your own life and get you to a place where you are comfortable of letting go of the things you can’t control: something I am still working on in this very moment.

Be transparent, be raw, be real.

At the end of your life, you may have a ton of life answers, but you won’t have them all. And frankly, neither will I. But you do have the power to get to the end of your life and pat yourself on the back for taking care of yourself, being happy, and putting positivity and goodness back into the world. If you want to know how I seem to be doing that, join me as a share how I have made a complete transition in my life from merely surviving each day, to waking up each morning ready to thrive in whatever the universe throws at me. Also, it’s important to note that just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was this blog. So, understand just as a normal person has seasons of ups and downs in their life, so do I. I hope this transparency and rawness helps you relate to the journey more and understand, no journey is easy or perfect. It is hard and trying.

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