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  • Abbie Cole Hillis

Wedding Planning in my Hybrid Office

Remember that one time the world shut down and our entire lives were forced to shift. Oh yeah, that was only like two months ago but boy does it seem like forever ago.

Because we have a son that has Asthma and already struggles with breathing clear on a day-to-day basis, we decided right at the beginning to pull him out of daycare. With both of us working full-time we loved that he had a place to go and be social and make friends but we also wanted to be able to keep him healthy.

So just like that, Hillis stopped going into his office downtown and the three of us were bunking it 24/7. We were both trying to work and get things done but also wanted to give KJ the attention he needed. We have spent the last two months, popping in between rooms in the house, buying new toys and crafts, and anything in between to keep this active toddler happy.

Fast forward to now, Hillis has accepted a new job with Greg Abbott’s office and is heading back into the office FULL-TIME. But we just decided that financially it just doesn’t make sense for us to put KJ back into daycare full-time. So now, it will be me and him at home day in and day out. If you know me, you know that this transition is exciting but also cued some anxiety.

How was I going to make sure our clients were taken care of, manage a summer-intern, and give a kiddo the attention he needs and deserves. Well my friends, I have created the new term hybrid-office. It is an office and a playroom, so while momma works, KJ plays and day one has been a HIT! It is working out so well. So for any of you out there trying to work and manage kids, I highly recommend trying this solution!

Here is the background scoop:

Living outside of Austin proper, we don't have a ton of co-working options for an office. So, About a year ago, we converted our garage into an office. It was great and provided all the storage room we needed for our rentals. BUT now, we are able to use it as an office and a play room.

We put in a new mega-quiet garage door that is sealed and insulated.

We bought most furniture from IKEA and had a furniture building party.

We added in a table and chairs plus a loveseat and coffee table to make it comfortable for when client’s come meet us at the office and overall, it has been a hit!

Being innovative is so important right now and we hope that by sharing our new win in life, it can prompt you to be creative to find a solution for something you need!


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